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Spongebob Squarepants Season 1 7 Dvdrip (April-2022)




.. adventures in various forms such as a fry cook, show host, or weather reporter. The show centers on the adventures of SpongeBob and his best friend, Sandy Cheeks. SpongeBob's boss at the Krusty Krab is Mr. Krabs, a greedy eccentric with a large appetite who lives in the restaurant's basement. SpongeBob's family includes his mama (Mrs. Pott), his "daddy" (SpongeBob's Grandfather), and Squidward, a slightly odd octopus who lives under the ocean in a house made of aluminum. Squidward is SpongeBob's best friend, as well as his rival. SpongeBob's nemesis is Plankton, a greedy orange-bodied sea creature with a bad temper, a talent for marketing, and short-temper. Plankton is obsessed with money, and uses various devious schemes to earn more money and achieve global domination. Awards and nominations SpongeBob SquarePants has been nominated for many awards. At the 49th Annual Annie Awards, it was nominated for an award for Best Animated Television Production. In 2010, it was nominated for Best Animated Television Production at the 52nd Primetime Emmy Awards. In 2007, it was nominated for two Teen Choice Awards: Choice Cartoon and Choice Animated Series. In 2007, it was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program, as well as two other Emmy nominations for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance for Tom Kenny and a nomination for Outstanding Directing for Scott Wood. In 2008, it was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program, as well as a nomination for Outstanding Music Composition for Season 1. Criticism and controversies In 2017, SpongeBob SquarePants was involved in a controversy surrounding sexualization of young children. The Parents Television Council complained of "numerous examples of sexual content in the series", particularly for an episode aired in December 2015 that showed SpongeBob attempting to seduce Mr. Krabs' ex-wife, Plankton. They noted that the episode encouraged the behavior of young children who would be watching the show, and demanded an on-air apology from Nickelodeon for the "lascivious" episode, which they termed "filth". SpongeBob producer Stephen Hillenburg responded to the complaints, saying he believed they were trying to "force [him] to focus on the most superficial elements of the show" in order to "inflame the media", but noted that SpongeBob "is




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Spongebob Squarepants Season 1 7 Dvdrip (April-2022)
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